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5,5 years after the onset of initial neurological symptoms, and 1,5 years of human embryonic stem cell treatment in Nutech Mediworld, my condition is somehow stable for the last 8-10 months.

Around Sept. of 2007, my left hand (wrist) suddenly and after a major fall from stairs, felt weird, awkward and slow in movement. Right hand followed much later, some difficulty in swallowing, slower walking and balance issues, speech slurred when stressed, stiffness in legs. My condition was slowly deteriorating, doctors would not give me a diagnosis though. After visiting a handful of doctors in Greece (Aiginitio hospital etc), neurology professors and ALS specialists in Italy (Gemelli hospital in Rome), Germany, alternative medicine specialists, for more than 2 years there was no diagnosis. Plus, they ALL excluded ALS as a possibility. In USA (Mass. General hospital in Boston) I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease "most probably ALS" (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). When back to Greece and since no hope for survival was given to me in the US, I did endless research eventually leading me to chronic Lyme disease. After numerous blood tests and contacts and visits to more doctors, I was diagnosed with Neuro Lyme disease with ALS manifestation. Whatever my illness is though, ultimately what matters is what to do.

Antibiotics intravenously, intramuscularly, orally, supplements,  vitamins, physical therapy are some of the things I've done and do. In August 2011, I started treatment with embryonic stem cells in India. Plus antibiotics, physical and occupational therapy. In my first 2months stay some improvement was managed for the first time. The goal was clear to me from the very initial contact with Dr Shroff: Stabilization. I visited India 2 more times. In Feb. 2012 for one month and then in June 2012 for almost six months. Now our target is to totally stabilize my condition so then  improvement may slowly be possible.

Stabilization is happening. My balance though is getting a little worse, I can feel that during walking but also while standing. My legs are stiff, especially upper muscles, resulting in some spasticity. Feet are weak and tight, left shaking more. In the house I walk with a walker, or one hand assistance, basically because of balance problem.

Hands-arms are stiff and weak with obvious atrophy in shoulders, wrist area and palms. Clonus present when effort is done. Wrist-drop in both hands, more in left.

Sitting balance is fine, abdominal muscles strong.

Voice low, slurred speech, excess saliva, out of breath easily. However in sleep, lying down, sitting position, eating, no breathing problems. No choking lately.

Update January 2013.

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